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01 March 2021:
Start as Contract Manager for the German scope portions of the contracts of Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies GmbH related to the "NPP Hinkley Point C" project in Somerset, UK.
The employment contract allows for ancillary activities. 


Three distinct groups of people will look at this page, which means that YOU either ...

1. know me and have worked with me in the past.

2. got tipped-off by someone from the first group or you somehow got hold of my name card.

3. found this page while searching the internet for services that I may or may not offer.


Regardless what brought you here, you should be able to leave this space with a better understanding of what kind of services I am able to provide and whether it could make sense for you to discuss your actual support needs.

As can be seen from my CV (currently being updated and then again) linked on the "Start" page, I have worked for most of the past 30 years on international projects based on tenders, specifications and contracts written in English with a variety of applicable laws.

While I am no lawyer, I have drafted and negotiated agreements with and against the best of them. Contrary to your
usual lawyer I also bring hands-on contract management expertise to the table having lived and breathed contracts during their execution phase, at head office and on the construction site. During the proposal stage this execution experience helps to identify and mitigate contractual risks and to draft solution-driven clarifications and deviations.

A complimentary focus of my work over the last 20 years has been team-building, developing commercial proposal and project managers as well as coaching and communication in general. These activities will come with the territory of being the "Head of Something" and many see them as a nuisance that keep them away from the real work. I beg to differ!

Last but not least, I believe that a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) taken serious by all internal stakeholders will outperform a whole-sale change to business processes and organisation pushed by a consultant every couple of years. Such a CIP will also come at a fraction of the cost, will boost the buy-in to the company's vision and goals that might be redefined in the process. However, establishing a CIP system and an open-minded communication culture can be easier and faster with some external support and coaching of key stakeholders.


As PAK-KLI UG is an ancillary activity, it operates on some key principles to satisfy your needs:

Support Concept

The services are provided as ancillary activities ... -
what does this mean for you?

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Service Portfolio Matrix

Doing everything for everybody anytime will not work ... -
shall we discuss your current or envisaged support needs?   

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